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Guy Giard, who was born in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada, has lived for many years in Europe and has traveled on three continents. He is a Certified Humor Professional, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, lecturer, musician and author who enthusiastically explores and evolves his own limits. After a successful career as a professional visual artist, he began teaching art at museums and giving speeches on art, music, and laughing. He served with Doctor Patch Adams on multiple humanitarian clown trips, offering smiles and respite to children, elders, and caregivers in orphanages, hospitals, and care facilities in Russia, Guatemala, Peru, India, and other nations under the alias Uku the clown. He recently published his memoir, "The Courage to Love, from Abuse to Happiness," in English, French, and Spanish, which details his personal recovery from childhood sexual abuse. He now gives seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching based on his talks "The Courage to Love" and "The 5 Levels of Consciousness," assisting people in living amazing lives. More about Guy

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