We are teaching classes giving lectures and organizing spaces for others who are interested to teach us and our members skills that are useful or environmentally friendly. 

Future events

In here we will have all the planed future events that are happening on regular or semi regular basis. All our future workshops will be updated on regular basis and new workshop alerts send tho thouse of you who subscribe to our newsletter. If you are interested in any of the workshops but we dont have a date for them contact us and we will try to make it happen. If you have group we are always happy to come to you.


Regular events organised in community gardens with quest teachers and different alternative practices brought to light. 


How to start making and how to manage your kombucha. Health benefits and who is it for! 

Bread Making

There are so many types of bread and not all of them are made with wheat. 

Candle making

Light is important aspect in our day to day life. Beeswax candles, wax candles, oil burners, thatch lights. how to make them and safe practices when using them. 


Workshops for beginners and intermediate knitters, groups of knitters and pattern sharing events organised on regular basis. 

Kids Chess

Online chess classes for kids thought by Austris. Local meetups in parks and libraries. 


Sand Play 

Zane is certified sand play facilitator and would like to get to know you in one of our beautiful beaches around Waterford and Dungarvan. Kids as well as adults are welcome. 

Yoga, Breath

Yoga, kids yoga, breath work, well being and mental health awareness. We have workshops and talks on regular basis in person or on zoom.


Education is one of most important things there is in our understanding you are never finished to learn and always should find the ways to continue with your education. There are many ways we can learn and everyone has different way they understand education. In here we are offering you information and ways to continue your learning process. 

Latvian language

Interested in learning basics of Latvian language or want to surprise your Latvian family, friends or spouse and show that you care? 

BOOK your consultation with Zane

Childbirth education


THIS BIRTH on Teachable

Books we love them!

Here in Rume we absolutely love books and that's why we have lots to say about books. We also have our own book club and in near future we might have more than one of them to give more choice for people interested in joining us in reading and shared passion of books. To join our book club please contact us and we will send you book title and zoom invitation for next meeting. 

Below you will find our teams book recommendations and our favorite books. 

Martins's book list

  • The One-Straw Rewolution by Masanobu Fukuoka
  • Miraculous Abundance by Perrine Hervē- Gruyer
  • For love of soil by Nicole Masters

Zane's book list

  • A Hunter gatherer's guide to 21 century by Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein
  • Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach