Meet our team

Below you can meet and get to know our core team and members, however our team is not limited to our core members. We are always looking for new collaborations and guest speakers for our monthly or weekly lectures talks and workshops. Remember we are facilitators and if you have something to say or something to teach, we want to hear from you. 


Zane is co-founder and creator of the idea that RÚME has to happen! Word RÚME is a result of fertile word play between Latvian and English Languages and means "space" and it is a space to grow for all involved who desire to Discover, Observe and Digest. 

We will come together in person or with a help of technologies, either way - we aim to develop RÚME together.

Zane will be providing workshops, lecturing and educating us on various subjects including but not limited to:



Holistic Health and Fertility,

Breadmaking, food preserving, foraging, knitting etc.

Outside RÚME Zane can be found here 

Zane's blog


Martins Punculis is a co-founder of this organisation and a lifelong learner in craft and making space. Martin has passion for making and growing as well as talking about his own mistakes to save some time for those who haven't yet tried to fail so many times! Martin is mostly self-taught jeweller/smith and likes to share his knowledge and experimental approach to making with people interested in finding their own practices and eventually create their own style. 

He is passionate about meditation and self-enquiry especially in creativity and self-identity spaces. Martin believes that we are all coming from soil and soil we will become so it is important subject in our Lives. Soil is not only a substance to poke in seed and hope for the best. Soil health is big subject for our identity and our holistic lives. 

Martin will be teaching and facilitating workshops and lectures in following spaces:

  • Metalsmithing and creativity, 
  • Woodworking for kids, 
  • Gardening, regenerative agriculture, soil health, permaculture design,
  • Sustainable alternative energy for homesteads.

Martin's Blog


Austris is a team building coach and naturally oriented towards growth and in day-to-day work is facilitating and helping to create a vision for people in how to grow their professional and personal identities. 

Austris will be teaching the Game of Chess and sometimes facilitating professional development workshops for RÚME staff and members. 

Austris himself about chess: "While chess is a serious game, it also has many benefits to the environment. Chess is a great way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it makes our planet a better place for all of us."

He is also our number one technical support person. 


Sarmite is lifelong dressmaker and crafter. Sarmite is passionate about reusing and upcycling textiles into new creations of wearable art. Environmentally Sarmite understood that fast fashion is not an answer long before we as a society started to talk about it and she has been environmental activist for a long time now. Her collections of clothes and decorative jewellery has been targeted to reduce waste and upcycle as much materials as possible. 

Sarmite will be running workshops in

Decorative mending 

Basic dressmaking 

Textile upcycling 


Kat is our cultural knowledge facilitator as she have been traveling all over the world while working and studying abroad. She is pasionate about cultural diferences and tries to experience as much as she can in different parts of the world. She will be ocassionally writing her experiences in our blog and will share her thoughts about cultures around the world with us. Kat is also our HR expert and woice of sanity. 


Laura is the person who works hard at her day job but keeps reminding us all that being outdoors is a true pleasure. 

Her offering to our RÚME is organising, taking part and finding new ways how to get outdoors and spend a good few hours at least once a week on a hiking/walking route that connects us to the nature and our true  selves. As a mother to five children she is aware of most obstacles people would normally come across during an outdoorsy event. 

She always welcomes suggestions from current and future participants. 


Maris is music technology fanatic and works with sound his whole life. In weekends you'll find him playing his sets in most cutting-edge hipster gathering points you can find. He is passionate all matters music and is our core team member and advisor when it comes to sound and lighting when it comes to lectures and workshop solutions. 

He will be giving talks about his DJ carrier and potentially our music/ sound therapy. 

Room creator and facilitator.